• Calx•e•quin (kalks'ə'kwin) - It's how we say Hoof.
  • Concentrated Hoof Pellet
  • 3 oz Serving
  • Once daily feeding
Container of Calxequin

What is Calxequin®?

Calxequin is a concentrated daily pellet formulated for the support and encouragement of healthy hooves.

Calxequin features a combination of nutrients including:

  • Biotin, to support quality hoof growth
  • Methionine and lysine, to support hoof integrity
  • Zinpro®*, chelated mineral complex, to support hoof strength and durability

Why should I give my horse Calxequin?

Building healthy hooves is a complicated, multi-step process. At each step along the way, certain nutrients are required before the process can move along. Often, horses with visually poor hoof quality are deficient in one, or more, of these required nutrients. This can occur for a variety of reasons – even in a well balanced ration.

Calxequin provides the key nutrients with the knowledge that they are safe and absorbed in balanced proportions to support each step of growing strong, durable hooves.

What to look for:

Although individual results may vary, new hoof growth will appear noticeably different. Full benefit may not be seen for 8-12 months, as time must be allotted for the turnover of hoof wall.

Administration: Calxequin

Feed 3 oz daily to all horses

Each 3 oz delivers
Crude Protein (min) 40%
Crude Fat (min) 2.85%
Crude Fiber (max) 7.5%
Copper (min) 90 mg
Zinc (min) 360 mg
Lysine (min) 2100 mg
Methionine (min) 3600 mg
Biotin (min) 20 mg

* Zinpro® is a registered trademark of Zinpro Corporation.


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