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Benny is Moving Now!


Our Pekingese, Benny, is nine now and we adopted him a year ago. Our Vet put him on Dasuquin during our initial visit. It has really helped him--he trots along like a little puppy and doesn't arch his back like he used to. Dasuquin has made such a difference and has given him a great quality of life!

Dasuquin’s Good for Ronan and Lillie!


My two Gordon Setters, 12 y/o Ronan, and 11 y/o Lillie have been on Dasuquin for over a year now. They are both still very active with little to no indication of old age.

9 Year Old Biewer Named Max

My beloved, tiny, 9 year old Biewer, Max was uncomfortable in both knees. I did a little research and decided to try Cosequin DS. Now, 2 months later he is running around like he did when he was 1 year old! Your product is fabulous! We had moved 6 months ago from a ranch home to 2 story home and Max would occasionally come down the stairs but could only go up 2 or 3 steps before giving up. It was very sad because he usually followed me everywhere. Now he is back under my feet constantly no matter how many times I go up and down the stairs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our veterinarian recommended...


Our veterinarian recommended that we put our 13+ year old German Shepherd on Dasuquin. She seems to be able to get around a lot better when we keep her on Dasuquin regularly. Thank you, Dr. Sweet!

... if old Tasha can do it so can Chocorua


Hi, after my wife died about 2 years ago, my dogs were very depressed. The big dog is Little Hoss, 4 years old, and the little one is Chocorua Mountain, 13 years old.

At that time, Chocorua hurt her hips and was reluctant to walk. I had to carry her everywhere. Even when she had to go to the bathroom, I would have to help lift her up.

I saw the Jack Hanna ad on TV and thought if old Tasha can do it, so can Chocorua. I got the Cosequin Advanced and faithfully gave it to her for 2 years now, and I'm not stopping. After 6 months she started walking a few steps and now she can run. She is not as fast as she used to be, and I still have to lift her in and out of the car. Jack, I want to thank you, you helped my sweet baby. Sincerely, Tim

Our Golden is golden on Dasuquin!


Our Veterinarian recommended Dasuquin with MSM for our 11 year old female Golden Retriever. That was nearly 2 years ago and the results have been phenomenal. She just turned 13 and we could not be more satisfied. Even friends that we had not seen for nearly a year remarked that she seemed like a much younger dog as she prances and bounds during our twice daily walks. Thank you so very much.


Dasuquin - Better Than The Rest!


I've had our 15+ year old Shepherd mix on Dasuquin with MSM for about 4 years. It's helped him immensely! I saw another product that appeared to be the same but was about 1/2 as much, cost-wise and after about 2 weeks, noticed that he was getting much worse. I did a side-by-side comparison of the two products and noticed that the cheaper product did not contain ASU. I ordered more Dasuquin with MSM and within about 8 days, he had bounced back to his original state. He still has limited mobility, but he's mobile.


Happy Teddy!


My mini schnauzer Teddy is 11 yrs old. He loves to be active, but he has had less mobility in his back legs. My vet recommended Dasuquin and he LOVES IT!!! And he’s comfortable...happy dog & owner

Dasuquin makes the difference


Tara is a 6 year young British lab. Dasuquin has been the difference between keeping her comfortable and keeping her running! Thank you, Nutramax. She still loves to run and fetch and go for long walks. She will take Dasuquin for the rest of her life!

Beau knows snow!

My Dog, Beau, is 13 years old and is taking Dasuquin with MSM joint health supplement. We live north of Boston. We got a lot of snow this winter (5-6 inches is just a dusting to us). Beau doesn't act a day over 9yrs. Beau loves cold weather, digging snow holes in the ground, snapping at snowflakes. He was not comfortable in the tail and back legs. Well that's all changed with your product. Thank you so much XOXO Lisa and my dog Beau. Woof, woof

Ready to go!


I have a 9 year old Doberman who needs help for his joints. My heart was breaking watching her try to get out of her cage every morning. She is very special to me as I have no children. My husband told me about Jack Hanna speaking about Cosequin DS with MSM. I was so hopeful!! I am so thrilled to tell you she jumps out of her cage, is very happy and playful, eats well and goes on walks with me. She even trots a bit!!! She loves Cosequin DS. She can't wait to get them in the morning. She knows they are a miracle!! As I am writing this tears of joy are streaming down!!! God bless you!!! Lady and I will do a commercial if you like!!!

My Lab is Doing Great on Dasuquin® Soft Chews!


My four-year-old lab is 128 lbs, but he's very tall and leggy, not overweight at all. His joints used to bother him after every walk or run, and sometimes he could not rise very easily. He has been taking Dasuquin soft chews for about 8 months, and now he's doing great. I am so pleased.

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to hear about a pet’s personal response to our products.

Cosequin® joint health supplements for dogs and cats contain glucosamine +/- (depending on the Cosequin formula) chondroitin sulfate, ingredients that have been shown in cell culture research to support production of cartilage matrix components. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have also been shown to inhibit the breakdown of cartilage. While individual results with Cosequin may vary, a study in dogs concluded that administration of original Cosequin DS had a protective effect on the joint.

Dasuquin® joint health supplement contains avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. While individual results with Dasuquin may vary, the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate plus ASU has been shown to work better in cell studies than just glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate together at inhibiting expression or production of mediators involved in cartilage breakdown.