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Tuffy is Tougher with Cosequin!

My Shar Pei/Lab mix Tuffy is a wonderful and very active dog! He was 7-1/2 when I noticed he was slowing down. I started giving him Cosequin (1 tab daily in the morning) and he is like a puppy again! Now, he is back to his old self sprinting around the backyard chasing squirrels and doing perimeter checks. I keep his Cosequin in my kitchen cabinet and every morning when I wake, Tuffy is there waiting for his Cosequin tablet-he thinks it's a treat! Thank you, Cosequin! We are so happy Tuff has the pep back in his step!

Quality of Life for my Elderly Cat!


My elderly female cat has had so many really good years because of your product. She is amazingly lithe, agile and cat-like for a 16 year old. Before I found Cosequin, she could barely walk some days. I am so grateful for this product.

Lucky Lady Is Living It Up!


This tablet has done wonders for my family member Lady...she is a saved pet from the shelter and has been a perfect and faithful member of our family. She is a farm dog and helps work my chickens when they get out, she loves to run and chase squirrels, and yes, loves to jump on our bed and sleeps with us. We came to the point where we had to help her to get on the bed, she just could not do it anymore. My poor girl was getting old before her time. The Dr. said try this Dasuquin...I felt yeah right, but for my girl I will try it...Double the level for the first month down to 1 every day and my Lady has become like a puppy again!!!! Thank-you...Thank-you for Dasuquin that has brought my Lady back to being herself!!! 

Dasuquin Does It Again!


After my dog, Chelsea, had CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) surgery I continued to use Dasuquin. I have used chondroitin/glucosamine for years and it's helped me and I think the Dasuquin has helped her ability to keep walking. Thanks Nutramax.

Yogi is a bear again!

Yogi is our 80 lb. 7 year old Chow Chow who had knee surgery in 2013 when he was 5 years old. In April of 2014 we relocated to a 3 story house with a basement. This house also has a minimum of 4 steps which must be climbed at all entrances to the home.

A few months before the move (around February 2014), Yogi started to "toe tap" and several DVM's told us he probably would need surgery. All agreed it would be best to wait until our relocation was complete prior to surgery.

Yogi's problems did not get better for obvious reasons once in our new home, but he did not let the steps stop him from "having fun" or going where ever he wanted to both inside and outside of our new house. Since both my husband and I had started new jobs and could not take work off to be with Yogi, our new vet said since he is not getting any worse, we can postpone the surgery until one of us is able to take some time off work.

Dasuquin was recommended in May 2014. After about 6 weeks, we noticed that Yogi stopped "toe tapping". He has been on the maintenance level since that time.  Yogi is now very active rolling on his back and kicking up his legs playing in the yard like he did when he was just a puppy! He has no problem with any of the steps and loves to run around the yard (about 3/4 acres) chasing chipmunks, bunnies and squirrels!

We are convinced that Dasuquin is the reason he is very happy.

We are very glad to share this story with you!

Joe’s on the GO!

One morning our 14 year-old cocker/lab mix couldn't use his back legs to lift the lower part of his body off the floor. We used a towel, put it under him, and helped him rise. He could walk, but when he went to lie down to rest, he couldn't get up. We took him to our vet thinking the worst. Our vet recommended Dasuquin. We thought, "What would a pill do?" We couldn't imagine it could help. We expected to be back at the vet in a day or two.

We went home, gave the Dasuquin at the recommended level, and hoped for the best. A short time later, Joe could lift himself to walk. What a surprise! He had a complete turn-around.

Joe's been on Dasuquin for a year now. He's beating the odds, has good health, and walks with us every day. He isn't as fast as he used to be, but he is still with us, and we are so grateful. Thanks for Dasuquin.

Lucy Feels Great!

Our little girl, Lucy, started favoring her right hind leg. We took her in for a checkup and our doc put her on Dasuquin. Soon she was no longer favoring that leg. Lucy seems to be back to her usual self. Now all she needs is a maintenance level just like all of us who are getting older.

Riley is Enjoying Her “Golden” Years


My 11 yr old Golden Retriever Riley tore her ACL, and had major surgery. After the surgery, she struggled with walking and exercise. The Dasuquin has made a world of difference in my old gal. She now is back to playing frisbee, and enjoying her "Golden" years. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Beau, Our Circus Dog!


We got Beau for our Big Dog, Maxx, as sort of "the toy that played back". Beau has such enthusiasm and energy as most poodles do and the wee black fuzzy bundle of interesting weaseled his way into our hearts and home in no time at all. Beau should have been in the circus for all his acrobatics, big leaps and twirls. Maxx passed away and it's just been Beau, my husband and myself...we teasingly refer to him as Velcro Dog since he's always stuck to one of us. Beau is now 12 and about two years ago, he couldn't hop up onto the couch without assistance or many attempts. So we took him to the vet for his annual check up and told our vet about what we saw with Beau. The vet recommended Dasuquin -1/2 tablet a day considering Beau is only 17 lbs. It was only a matter of weeks before we noticed that Beau was improving and a year later - this dog is back to his puppy like self...jumping up and down where he wants. Well, he's twelve now and doesn't walk windowsills or the back of the couch anymore but he happily and easily twirls and does his poodle dances. It's nice to see. This year for Beau's annual physical - we asked for more Dasuquin. It is worth the money for the good things it does for our fuzzy friend.

Honey Has Her Spring Back!!

My dog Honey is 8 years old. My veterinarian suggested using Dasuquin. I see signs of improvement. Honey has been taking Dasuquin for one month and the spring in her step has returned. She plays fetch for a much lengthier time now.

Quincy Runs on Cosequin!


I just want to thank Cosequin for all the extra years I have with my Quincy. He is a Lab and German Shepherd mix, who I started on Cosequin when he was 13, and starting to have bad hips. He is now 18, and still will run in the yard with the other dogs (slowly he's old). Thank you!!! I've started my lab on it as well, she is 12. Worth every penny!!

Bouncy Boston!

My Vet recommended Dasuquin for my 6 year old female Boston Terrier. We did the 4 week loading level and now she is on the maintenance level. She is like a new dog. Will jump up on her recliner like she used to. Thanks to Dasuquin!!!

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to hear about a pet’s personal response to our products.

Cosequin® joint health supplements for dogs and cats contain glucosamine +/- (depending on the Cosequin formula) chondroitin sulfate, ingredients that have been shown in cell culture research to support production of cartilage matrix components. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have also been shown to inhibit the breakdown of cartilage. While individual results with Cosequin may vary, a study in dogs concluded that administration of original Cosequin DS had a protective effect on the joint.

Dasuquin® joint health supplement contains avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate. While individual results with Dasuquin may vary, the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate plus ASU has been shown to work better in cell studies than just glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate together at inhibiting expression or production of mediators involved in cartilage breakdown.