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Cosamin ASU Success Stories

Cosamin®ASU- Above & Beyond Expectations


I was in an accident which damaged both of my knees. I have had one surgery on my right knee and two surgeries on my left knee. You don't realize when you are experiencing knee discomfort that you automatically use your arms to push up from a sitting position putting undo stress on your shoulder joints. I ended up having shoulder rotator cuff repair on both shoulders. Ugh! I went through a series of knee injections, which unfortunately did not work for me. My Ortho Dr. highly suggested I begin taking Cosamin ASU. Not really expecting much of a result, I started taking them in the morning and the evening. After two-three weeks I noticed a substantial decrease in my knee and shoulder discomfort. To be honest, I was still skeptical that the Cosamin ASU was actually responsible for my increased joint comfort, so I stopped taking it. Within two weeks off the Cosamin, I had my answer! I immediately began my daily regimen of Cosamin ASU again and have been taking it every day since. It truly decreases my discomfort and I have no side effects. I have shared my experience with several friends who were dealing with joint discomfort, and they have let me know how much Cosamin ASU has also helped them. I would never suggest a product of which I have not had a positive personal experience. Cosamin ASU works for me. Jackie J. Vinemont, AL.

Wow is all I can say!

I'm a computer guy. If I can't walk, I can't support myself. About a year ago, my right knee gave out. My joint issues were limiting my ability to walk and sleep. My landlord saw my distress and suggested Cosamin, so I investigated it. I purchased Cosamin ASU and a week later I could finally sleep and walk. Wow is all I can say! Thank you! You've saved my business and my life!!!! I continue to take it and I continue to sleep and walk. I tell everyone about Cosamin ASU!

Working and Playing with Cosamin® ASU

I was involved in a head-on collision in April, 2007. I have seen numerous specialists: orthopedics, chiropractors and neurologists. I have chronic neck, upper back and lower back issues. I am a small animal veterinarian, wife and mother of two elementary age kids. I take the Cosamin® ASU- 2 capsules twice a day along with the omega-3 soft gels. I have been able to work, play with my kids and feel much better.I truly believe Cosamin ASU is absolutely a miracle worker.


On the Brink No More

I have been plagued with lower back issues since a junior in High School trying numerous ways to reduce the discomfort. I have been taking Cosamin® ASU for just over 2 weeks now, and cannot believe the difference I feel in my back. I could always tell it was "on the brink" of going out, but now I feel much better! Zach H. Bridgeville, DE

Cosamin®ASU- Amazingly Effective

I have been on various brands for years for my knees. I switched recently to Cosamin ASU on the advice of my nephew who is an Orthopedic Surgeon. I ran out of it recently and since it's a pricey product, I thought I should finish my other brand before I bought my Cosamin ASU. It wasn't long before I realized the other brand was not working. I decided I had to pick up a bottle of Cosamin ASU no matter the difference in price. Cosamin ASU has been so amazingly helpful for my knees and I don’t have to apply nightly gels.

Back on the Court with Cosamin® ASU

As a Tennis Pro who has played for over 50 years I thought I'd never play again when my knees started giving out on me. Although skeptical, I tried Cosamin® ASU and was totally amazed how quickly it got me back on the court. After two weeks I could actually feel my knees getting stronger and more flexible. Now, a year later, my 62 year old knees allow me to play three competitive sets without worrying. Cosamin ASU, unlike products I've tried in the past, really works. I've recommended to other players and now the majority of our team uses it daily. It's simply a great product! Dave I. Stroudsburg, PA

Thank You for Cosamin® ASU

My horses have been on Cosequin® for years now. When you came out with the "human" form [Cosamin® ASU] I grabbed the free sample at a horse show. That was probably 3 years ago and I haven't quit taking the product. I know it works because I left for a trip last year and forgot it. I have joint issues in my hands and after 2 days my hands and fingers had issues again. I recommend it to everyone who mentions a problem with joint health. My horses and myself thank you!

Thankful for Cosamin® ASU

I started taking Cosamin after hearing Dr. Henderson speak at the Harford County Chamber prayer breakfast. I am a runner and my knees were begining to hurt/ache. Since starting on Cosamin,my knees have felt great. Running has never been better. I am also sold on your OmegaMint™ Fish oil. Great stuff. Thanks Nutramax [Laboratories] and thanks Cosamin® ASU. John S. Havre de Grace, MD

Thank you - it's great hearing about people's personal experiences with our products.

Individual results with Cosamin®ASU may vary. In laboratory cell culture studies of biomarkers associated with joint discomfort and cartilage breakdown, it was found that the combination of ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables) + glucosamine + chondroitin sulfate was better than the combination of glucosamine + chondroitin sulfate in reducing these markers.