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Nutramax Laboratories 
Mission Statement

Maryland location
To serve the Lord and glorify Him using the gifts He has given our employees to research, develop, manufacture, and market products that improve the quality of life for people and their pets.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance

The Nutramax Manufacturing, Inc. Quality Assurance Department is staffed by professionals who ensure that the products manufactured and tested are made in accordance with the regulations governing our industry. The QA department audits for compliance to all applicable regulations. From incoming materials to release of product, QA ensures that the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are adhered to and all products manufactured meet label claims. The QA department is the independent reviewer of all internal operations.

Quality Control (QC)

Quality Control imageThe Quality Control Department has three groups of technical experts: QC-Incoming, Analytical Chemistry, and Microbiology. These professionals ensure that ingredients received at Nutramax Laboratories are tested to meet specifications before being used in our products, during manufacturing, and after the manufacturing process. cGMP guidelines are the core for all QC lab operations.

Research and Product Development

R&D imageOur research and development team consists of cellular and molecular biologists who work together to identify and test ingredients contributing to the development of novel, science-based products for human and veterinary applications. Our focus is to demonstrate the efficacy of raw materials to ensure our products meet our quality standards.

As a general policy Nutramax Laboratories pays a maximum of 15% indirect costs to universities and other research organizations for external research collaborations.


training imageAll employees are thoroughly trained in GMPs, Safety, Security, and Employee Development. Continuous training supports optimal operations in our plants.

Tested and Certified by NSF(R)