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Released: 4/21/2010

Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. Names Brian Cornblatt, Ph.D., Medical Director Cornblatt to Coordinate Research, Development, and Education

Cornblatt to Coordinate Research, Development, and Education

Edgewood, Maryland – Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. today announced the addition of Dr. Brian Cornblatt to their Consumer Division Team.

Dr. Cornblatt joined Nutramax Laboratories to collaborate with manufacturing, development, and quality groups to bring new products to market and support them post-launch. In addition, Dr. Cornblatt will collaborate with research and development departments in identifying, planning, and summarizing laboratory and clinical studies for Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. products into publishing and marketing pieces. A Hopkins graduate with a PhD in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Health Sciences/Toxicology, Dr. Cornblatt has been engaged in medical research for two decades.

"Dr. Cornblatt comes to Nutramax Laboratories during a time of growth and expansion," commented Dr. Troy Henderson, Vice President of Corporate Operations and Professional Services. "The addition of Dr. Cornblatt to the Nutramax Laboratories team will further ensure the quality, innovation, and research for which Nutramax Laboratories is known in the industry."

Said Dr. Cornblatt of his new position at Nutramax Laboratories, "The need for non-toxic and naturally-derived agents that have broad application at promoting health is great. At Nutramax Laboratories there is an impressive and unique commitment to an in-house research program that focuses on uncovering the scientific rationale for how their products work while ensuring overall product quality and safety."

About Nutramax Laboratories, Inc:

Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. develops nutritional products that improve the quality of life for people and their pets. Using only high-quality, researched ingredients, Nutramax Laboratories manufactures all products according to standards practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. Nutramax Laboratories’ joint supplements Cosamin® ASU and Cosamin® DS are the #1 orthopedic specialist recommended brands?. For more information, visit or call 1-800-925-5187.

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