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We all love that feeling of witnessing the triumph of unexpected victory; watching the rejected become accepted. All God's creatures are special, offering their own unique contributions to this world; however, having the pleasure of witnessing an animal regarded as simply unwanted shine and lay down those previous assumptions, is something else entirely. Freeman's story is inspiring and uplifting. Foaled on May 27, 2003 in Darlington, Maryland, his pedigree is unique and distinguished, and includes a great grandfather, Deputed Testimony, who took many by surprise winning the 108th Preakness® in 1983. It was determined that Freeman would not be successful as a race horse and he was ultimately sold for $1.00.

In 2007, Dr. Robert Henderson, Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Nutramax Laboratories, with his wife, Janet, purchased Freeman to maintain as a trail horse and started him on COSEQUIN®. The Hendersons care for six (6) pleasure horses at their farm, "God's Blessing Farm", in Maryland. They asked Eliza Herman to exercise and ride the horses to ensure their health and fitness. Eliza has been riding since she was old enough to sit in the saddle and was happy to help. Eliza continued as an eventer and when her horse, Passing, underwent colic surgery in 2012 and was subsequently retired, she asked the Hendersons if she could try some low-level events with Freeman. At this point, Eliza had been riding Freeman for several years and the relationship between horse and rider was positive and established. The decision was made to start him over fences, and it was like introducing a young child to cake. Freeman was so enthusiastic and did not exhibit hesitation like many young horses do when introduced to jumping for the first time. He was a natural born jumper and had found his stride not only in his rider, but in his talent.

Freeman has competed in various events from novice to USEA® recognized events, even placing second at the Marlboro Horse Trials last September. In 2013, Freeman and Eliza won the Maryland 2013 Equiery Perpetual Eventing Award and were featured on the cover of Equiery® Magazine in April 2014. This beautiful fellow is one to watch as he continues to grow as an eventing horse. We all look forward to seeing the careers of both Eliza and Freeman in the years to come and are proud he is a member of the COSEQUIN® family.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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