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Grace. Service. Stewardship.

Impacting Our Community Through Scripture

With 2020 presenting some of the most complex problems our country has experienced, Nutramax felt called to help our local community in some of their darkest times. We have a heart for small businesses because we once were a small business ourselves. The 4:10 Initiative was born to support small businesses through good stewardship of God’s blessings. Nutramax collaborated with local restaurants to create vouchers, that could be redeemed for meals by their employees--a workforce of more than 630, right here in Lancaster, SC.

Seeing the physical and emotional relief this provided, we couldn’t stop there. Realizing there were other unique needs to be met throughout the community, the 4:10 Initiative continued to grow to include a variety of assistance for all types of small businesses and community organizations.

The definition of the word initiative is, ‘the start of something with the hope that it will continue’. Our hope is that in sharing how scripture can be tangibly lived out, the faithfulness of God will not only be visibly seen, but experienced and paid forward.

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1 Peter 4:10



Given to local businesses & community organizations


Local Businesses


Community Organizations

serves serves God may be glorified through Jesus Christ forever and ever

1 Peter 4:11
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A special thanks to the following small businesses that participated in the filming of these videos