Clinical Study Supports Benefits of Cobalequin® in Dogs with Cobalamin Deficiency

Released: (December 14, 2022)

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Contact: Nicolette Harris

Lancaster, South Carolina (December 14, 2022) -

Lancaster, South Carolina [December 14, 2022] – Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences is pleased to announce the results of a newly published clinical study by Chang et al., in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. The study indicates that Cobalequin®, an oral cobalamin supplement with the metabolically active folate (5-MTHF), may be as beneficial as parenteral cobalamin in dogs with hypocobalaminemia. These results significantly add to the growing body of knowledge regarding the use of cobalamin.

Cobalamin (vitamin B12) is an essential nutrient for maintaining cell functions in dogs. Hypocobalaminemia, sometimes called cobalamin deficiency, is frequently associated with chronic enteropathy (CE) or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). This study compared 46 dogs of multiple breeds with hypocobalaminemia associated with CE or EPI who received either Cobalequin® orally or cobalamin parenterally. Dogs with either CE or EPI were randomly selected for both groups. None of the dogs participating in this study had previously received any form of cobalamin.

The researchers found that Cobalequin® supported hypocobalaminemia management in dogs with CE or EPI. Results also showed significant improvement in methylmalonic acid (MMA) concentrations, a marker of vitamin B12 deficiency, only in dogs with EPI that were given the Cobalequin® supplementation. Panzquin®, also a cobalamin source, provides pancreatic enzymes to aid digestion in dogs.

"Results from this clinical study provide dog owners with options for care," said Nicolette Harris, DVM, Professional Services Veterinarian. "Oral cobalamin supplementation can benefit dogs while being convenient for owners. In addition, this study provides a better understanding of the benefits of cobalamin supplementation."

Cobalamin is found in Cobalequin® and Panzquin®. For more information, visit or call Customer Service at (888) 886-6442.

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