Industry Leader Launches Exclusive Supplement Line for Healthcare Practitioners

Released: (February 13, 2024)

Contact: Stefanie Stacks

Lancaster, SC (February 13, 2024) -

LANCASTER, SC, FEBRUARY 13, 2024 For more than 30 years, Nutramax Laboratories has researched and developed nutritional supplements for people and their pets, setting and adhering to the highest standards in manufacturing and quality with a focus on scientific innovation. Furthering its mission to improve the quality of life, Nutramax Laboratories Consumer Care is introducing a line of exclusive nutritional supplements designed specifically for healthcare practitioners.

“Our mission is fueled by using the combination of scientific research and an innovative mindset to create nutraceutical products that enable optimal health,” says Pharmacist and Founder of Nutramax Laboratories, Dr. Robert Henderson.

Nutramax Laboratories Consumer Care, the makers of Cosamin® for joint health and Avmacol® for detoxification support, are growing their reach with tailored solutions for healthcare professionals. As a part of the company’s expanded vision, Nutramax Practitioner Formulas will focus on partnering with healthcare professionals seeking a multi-modal approach to their patients’ health and wellness.

In a state-of-the-art Translational Research Laboratory, Nutramax evaluates how ingredients work at the cellular level. A team of cellular and molecular biologists assess the bioactivity of raw materials by evaluating changes in biomarkers. This new line of innovative formulations encompasses a broader spectrum of clinically studied ingredients, supporting healthcare professionals in their mission to elevate the health and well-being of their patients.

“Nutramax Laboratories has an unrivaled reputation for scientific rigor and research. Working with patients in functional medicine, it is reassuring to see Nutramax Practitioner Formulas align with not only my standards, but those of my patients to truly reflect positive change in their health,” says Dr. Carlos Jorge, MD, co-founder and CMO of Companion Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.

About Nutramax Laboratories: At Nutramax, we are committed to improving the lives of people and their pets by developing high-quality supplements that are backed by scientific research and produced in world-class facilities. Nutramax Laboratories is headquartered in Lancaster, South Carolina, and employs over 750 people nationwide. To learn more, visit

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Improving the quality of life for people and their pets

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