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Our Quality Promise

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Nutramax Laboratories

Quality Promise

Your pet's health deserves the highest standard of quality.

That's why we maintain our own world-class manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A., where we take steps that far exceed what is required of supplements.

Every Nutramax supplement is tested for contaminants, backed by more than 80 quality checks, and guaranteed to meet label claims, so you can purchase with confidence.

Nutramax Laboratories

Our Quality Process

Our Brands are Backed by Science and Held to the Highest Standard

Biologist Looking through Microscope

The Science Behind the Quality.


Our Translational Research Laboratory evaluates how our ingredients work at the cellular level. The team of cellular and molecular biologists assess the bioactivity of our raw materials by evaluating changes in biomarkers.

Biologist Analyzing Ingredients

The Highest Quality Ingredients.


We source raw materials from well-vetted and approved suppliers. As materials arrive to our facility, we inspect every aspect of the delivery—the sanitary condition of the delivery truck—the condition of shipping container, and the accuracy of the materials inside. We are making every effort to ensure that our ingredients are high quality.

Quality Control Employee Validating Incoming Raw Materials

Testing And Validation


Incoming raw materials are inspected and sampled by our quality control team. The materials undergo analytical chemistry testing that confirms the identity, purity, and other specifications of the ingredients, as well as microbiology testing that verifies the materials meet our specifications. The data is analyzed, recorded and then validated by our chemists. The batch of specific raw material then receives a Certificate of Analysis, critical for its release to the next step: production.

Quality Assurance Employee Checking Equipment

Manufacturing Begins With A Clean Space.


Before the materials even enter the production space, our team has thoroughly cleaned the equipment and sanitized the room, affectionately dubbed “the bubble,” where manufacturing and packaging occurs. Production of a new batch will not begin until the cleanliness of the space and the equipment are verified by our Quality Assurance Team. Inside “the bubble,” operators are properly gowned to help safeguard our products from contamination.

Quality Assurance Employee Verifying Ingredients

Produce. Test. Validate. Repeat.


Once production begins we are ensuring quality through each step of the manufacturing process. Our Quality Assurance Team confirms that each batch begins with the proper blend lot. We confirm that only approved materials are used, and perform checks for product weight, hardness and other parameters every thirty minutes. These checks are documented, verified and reviewed by another operator and our quality assurance generalists.

Quality Assurance Employee Verifying Ingredients

The Finished Product Is Tested Yet Again!


All finished products are sampled and tested in our Chemistry and Microbiology labs, where we confirm that each batch meets our standard. No product is cleared for sale until these final tests are complete, and the results validated. We are proud of our process and are committed to quality at every stage.

Quality Assurance Employee Checking Packaged Product

Packaging Standards Are No Exception.


Our packaging lines are cleaned and verified by Quality Assurance. The labels are inspected for accuracy before application begins; it is important that the product you receive is exactly what the label says it is. Each and every bottle is checked by hand to ensure that labels are applied correctly, and that lot numbers and expiration dates are accurate and clearly visible.

Quality Assurance Employee Analyzing Product Stability and Shelf Life

Our Standard Of Quality Continues.


We perform stability testing on our products to determine the appropriate shelf life. We use state-of-the-art stability chambers that house products for up to 6 months while we conduct periodic testing to certify shelf-life expiration data. These are not required practices, these are Nutramax Laboratories practices.

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Our Quality Q & A

Why choose Nutramax supplements over other brands? 

Every Nutramax supplement is tested for harmful contaminants, backed by more than 80 quality checks, and guaranteed to meet label claims. Our high-quality standards are one of the many reasons that Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences is the #1 veterinarian recommended supplement company. 

What specifically are these high-quality standards? 

Nutramax high-quality standards include manufacturing and quality control processes that far exceed what is required of supplements. We rigorously test and inspect throughout the manufacturing process in our own world-class facilities in the U.S.A. Our supplements are high-quality and guaranteed to meet label claims.   

Where do you obtain the raw materials used in your products? 

We source raw materials from well-vetted and approved suppliers.  We inspect every aspect of the raw material delivery, from the sanitary condition of the delivery truck, the condition of the shipping container, and the accuracy of the enclosed materials before accepting.  We also do regular quality inspections on all raw ingredient manufacturing facilities.

How are these raw materials cleared for use in the manufacturing process? 

The raw materials undergo analytical chemistry and microbiological testing to confirm their identity and purity. These results are recorded and then verified by our chemists, so that the batch of raw materials can receive the Certificate of Analysis it needs before going into production. 

What makes the Nutramax manufacturing process different from others? 

The Nutramax manufacturing process begins with a thorough cleaning of the equipment and sanitization of the production space before ingredients are even brought in.  

Our Quality Assurance Team verifies that the equipment and production space is clean before every batch, and all operators inside our production space are gowned to help protect our supplements from contamination.  

Once the manufacturing process begins, our Quality Assurance Team performs checks for product weight, hardness, and other parameters every 30 minutes. Once production is complete, all finished products are tested before sale to confirm that each batch meets our standard. 

What do you mean that finished supplements are “tested” before sale? 

All finished Nutramax supplements are sampled then tested in our own, world-class Chemistry and Microbiology labs once again. No Nutramax supplement is released for sale until its identity and purity has been tested and validated after production. When we say we are committed to quality at every step of our manufacturing process, we mean it. 

How about packaging?  What quality standards exist in this process? 

Our packaging lines are cleaned and cleared by our Quality Assurance team.  Labels are inspected for accuracy and we check every bottle to ensure correct application and that lot numbers and expiration dates are clearly visible. 

Can I speak to someone if I have a specific question about your products or processes? 

Absolutely, our Customer Service Team is ready to assist you with any question or issue at 888-886-6442, Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM EST.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. 

Improving the Quality of Life for People and Their Pets

Our Commitment to Quality

Family Playing in Yard with Dog

Supporting the health of people and their pets is priority number one. Our quality standard includes rigorous testing and inspection, at every stage of the manufacturing process; we test and approve all incoming materials before they are used in manufacturing and packaging of finished products. Additionally, we take samples of our finished products for analytical and microbiological analysis before they are released for sale.

Laboratory Employee Testing Ingredients

We are committed to the highest-quality products, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities. From the research lab to the packaging line, our processes are steadfast and true; ensuring that each and every supplement we deliver is manufactured to our standard.

Cosequin® Pouches Being Tested on Production Line

We set the bar in the supplement industry: Nutramax Laboratories was born out of a quest for more. More than what is required. More than what exists. We are going above and beyond to produce only the highest quality products for people and their pets. Our facilities adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and a rigorous set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).