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Digestive Health

Much improved with Proviable-DC

I adopted a two year old dog from a local shelter. Unbeknownst to me, she needed special care while eating. She eats upright in a specially designed chair and part of her feeding regimen includes one Proviable-DC capsule daily. I tried other probiotics at first, but then decided to try Proviable-DC. I have noticed a difference in her stool volume. I feel that the capsules are part of the reason.

A New Lease on Life with Proviable Equine!


We currently have three senior horses on Proviable digestive health product, which we began using after attending the Julie Goodnight clinic in Dothan, AL this past March. One of our horses had been on another product previously; the other two were having problems maintaining their weight. Since we switched them to Proviable, all three seniors have shown improvement. We are pleased that Nutramax products have improved the quality of life for our senior equines.

Melanie and Lora in Florida

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to hear about a pet’s or horse’s personal response to our products.

Proviable®-DC and KP digestive health supplements for dogs and cats contain a source of live naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) plus prebiotics. While individual results may vary, research showed that Proviable administration for 21 days helped firm the stool in cats.

Proviable®-EQ digestive health supplement for horses contains Saccharomyces yeast species probiotic and prebiotics. Although individual results may vary, a study found that duration of loose stools was less in horses given Saccharomyces boulardii.