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Cosamin®DS and Chimp Haven: Heaven for Leroy

Chimp Haven, The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Keithville, Louisiana, provides a retirement home for more than 120 chimpanzees. No longer used as biomedical research subjects, pets or entertainers, many of the chimpanzee residents at Chimp Haven are older and have long-term health issues. Some, like Leroy, 32, have joint issues.

Leroy’s condition is so severe that his left knee is fused at a right angle. As a result, he must shift his weight to the right side of his body so that he can walk. He also has joint issues in his hands, wrists and right knee.

Before Leroy started taking Cosamin, he had difficulty climbing and brachiating (swinging from arm to arm). Rather than walking on his knuckles like healthy chimpanzees do, he could only walk on his wrists. Since going on a daily regimen of Cosamin, Leroy is more active and walking faster than he did before. “He even climbs and brachiates now,” observes Chimp Haven veterinary technician Jennifer Whitfield.

In spite of his disabilities, Leroy appears to be enjoying life. The only male in his chimpanzee social group, he is surrounded by females who dote on him. Among the things he appears to enjoy most in his daily routine are stretching out on the grass to soak up the sun and being served a chocolate vitamin shake and of course, his daily dose of Cosamin.

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Leroy receives support from Nutramax Laboratories.