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Tye the Great Dane is Doing Great

The Great Dane, also known as The Gentle Giant, is mainly known for its giant size. Adult male Great Danes generally measure about 33” to 36” at the shoulder and weight about 140 to 175 pounds. They have a short life span, typically 7 to 10 years, and can develop growing or bone problems.

Tye, a 7-year-old Great Dane, was a show dog before his owner Heather adopted him. Tye went from being a show dog to farm dog – after some minor adjustments. As described by Heather, “it took Tye about a year to adjust to being a farm dog”. After learning that water, mud, and other animals were not going to end his universe, he loved going to the barn to play with the other 3 farm dogs and run like a maniac all over the 34 acre farm.”

According to Heather, Tye wouldn’t jump into her car and as Heather stated, “lifting a 120 pound dog into a 4 Runner was not pretty”. He would still run at the farm, but it would take him about two days to recover from the effort. He started slowing down and needed help to go up or down the stairs in Heather’s 3 story townhouse. He also was not as enthusiastic when running on the farm.

Said Heather, “after about 6 months of supplementing Tye’s diet with Cosequin® DS, he feels better and he loads in the 4 Runner with no issues, needs no recovery time after playing at the farm, and runs all over the house without trouble. He even lasted longer than me on our last run together.”

“Cosequin DS has made a pretty significant difference in Tye’s quality of life,” summarizes Heather.

Heather Black has received support from time to time from Nutramax Laboratories, Inc.

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